Tasos Vagianelis Photo

Tasos Vagianelis – CEO

Enjoy the unique experience of driving a BMW motorcycle! Greece is the best destination for motorcycle tourism. VAGIANELIS SA with the addition of motorcycle rentals to our services, is now one of the very few official partners of BMW Motorrad worldwide which covers every BMW motorcycle activity aspect. Our goal in Moto Rentals is to offer to everyone the opportunity to explore the unique beauty of our country with a motorcycle. Our slogan is: «We always look forward».

BMW Moto Rentals Vagianelis Team

Vasilis Konstantopoulos – Branch manager

The fleet of BMW Moto Rentals Vagianelis SA always consists of the most recent models of every category. Renting a motorcycle gives the opportunity to a potential buyer to experience an extended test ride in order to conclude if he wants to proceed to purchasing it. It should be noted that with every rental we offer full casco insurance coverage. That means that in case of an accident, regardless the cost of the damage and if which is the one to blame, the customer only pays its “insurance exception amount” and the rest are being covered from the insurance company. We put your safety first!

BMW Moto Rentals Vagianelis Team

Dimitris Ntalakos– Sales manager

We’re going to stand by your side in every step of every process. We are here to help you find what best suits your needs! Together we can discuss your concerns but also suggest the appropriate solutions. We share the same passion! George Vagianelis – Administrative Assistant Here in BMW Vagianelis we share your passion for motorcycles! With this in mind we always try to offer the services we would like to be receiving as customers. Renting is the newest addition to our company’s activities and is based on the many years of our experience in this industry.


BMW Motorrad Vagianelis SA has been in the field for more than 30 years. For 30 years we are the first in sales in Greece! Our love and passion for motorcycles, have established us as one of the most renowned in the field as we do not rest and we are constantly looking for fresh and subversive ideas that will make us stand out! This is how the idea for Moto Rentals Vagianelis SA came about. In our effort, therefore, to offer more complete services to the customer – rider, we have included the part of rental in Vagianelis SA. BMW Moto Rentals Vagianelis SA is the first motorcycle rental company purely with BMW motorcycles in Greece. Its main objective is the rental of motorcycles but also full of equipment and accessories. Through our platform you can choose which camera you want and for how long, but also what extra you need, between original BMW equipment and accessories such as suitcases or navigator. Among other things, Vagianelis SA has as its ultimate goal the education and safety of its customers – riders, training and informing about what it means “I ride a motorcycle, I am the owner of a motorcycle”.


Enjoy the unique driving experience of a BMW Motorcycle! Greece is the best tourist destination for motorcycles. VAGIANELIS SA with the addition of BMW RENTALS to its services, becomes one of the few official partners of BMW Motorrad worldwide that covers the entire range of activities around the BMW motorcycle. The goal of BMW Moto Rentals is to offer both Greeks and tourists the opportunity to travel to our wonderful country and discover its unique beauty on a BMW motorcycle. The fleet of Vagianelis SA always consists of the latest models of all categories. The rental also enables a prospective buyer to have an extended test ride so that he can be sure of the choice in the BMW motorcycle. All our motorcycles have a mixed insurance.


A paradise for motorcycle lovers! Our shop is housed in 1400 sq.m. at 339 Vouliagmeni Avenue in Ilioupoli. Hosts all worlds of BMW engines: Sport, Tour, Roadster, Heritage, Adventure & Urban Mobility Apart from motorbikes, however, one can find complete rider equipment as well as genuine accessories and spare parts. While you are also waiting for the service of your motorbike to end, you can enjoy your coffee in the bar inside the store! One of the three best BMW stores in the world!


The Repair and maintenance shop is housed in an area of ​​350 square meters. Staffed with the most specialized staff for the best possible service. In addition to BMW motorcycle service, tires are also installed in the shop. Annual service is very important for optimal engine performance. In our shop we use only ADVANTEC Original BMW engine oils which have been specially developed for the high performance engines of BMW Motorrad and guarantee maximum performance.


  • Engine: 1254 cc boxer twin
  • Horsepower: 136 HP
  • Torque: 143 Nm
  • Tank: 20 litters