Loutraki – Korinthias


Loutraki is a city in the southern Greece, near Corinth. It is located just 84 kilometers away from Athens and 4 kilometers away from Corinth. Loutraki is an ideal destination for a one-day or a two-day trip.

Pretty close to Athens and filled with beautiful places to visit!

Even though it is mostly known for its thermal springs and its casino, Loutraki also has three nearby beaches that have been awarded with a blue flag in addition to dozens of other beautiful places to visit.

The drive from Athens to Loutraki:
The rout from Athens to Loutraki is pretty easy to drive to because it is mainly asphalt and on its biggest part is highway. The local roads are also in really good condition.

We recommend you visiting:

Lake Vouliagmeni

It is one of the most beautiful attractions in the area. At Lake Vouliagmeni, you will see a unique lagoon, which is located just 16 km northwest of Loutraki. The road to the lake is very good and the route very pleasant. It is close to the archeological site of Heraion. It has a huge sandy beach which connects with Corinthian Gulf. The archeological finds in the area suggest that it has been inhabited since the third millennium BC. In the summer period you can rest at a seaside shop to enjoy your coffee but also take a swim.

Loutraki casino

It is the first casino in Greece, which has also a 5-star hotel in it. Even if lucky games are not your first choice, it is worth visiting the casino just for the experience or simply for a late-night drink. The casino might be old but the facilities are in very good condition.

The Thermal springs

From old times the area was known for its thermal springs, which are claimed to have healing capabilities. Even its name, Loutraki, was originated from its thermal springs.

Monastery of Saint Patapios

Agios Patapios was born in the 4th century AD in Egypt and nowadays is considered the protector saint of cancer patients. The monastery was founded in 1952 and is built on a steep slope of the Geraneian mountains. There, you can also find the relics of Saint Patapios which were found in 1904 in a cave. At this place 48 years later, the Monastery was built. It is located 14 kilometers away from Loutraki at an altitude of 700 meters. The view from the monastery is breathtaking.

Corinth canal

This canal connects the Saronic Gulf with the Corinthian gulf. The construction of the canal began in the early 1880s and was completed in 1893 from a Greek engineer named Petros Protopapadakis, as a result of its development policy at the time of Prime Minister Charilaos Trikoupis. In ancient times there was a small passage which was used by the ships in order to avoid doing the whole round of the Peloponnese. It was a paved road, lined with greased wood in order for the ships to sleep on it.
Today the Corinth Canal is a beautiful attraction with many coffee shops and restaurants all around. If, of course you are a fan of extreme sports, you can try bungee jumping!

Which are the best beaches to visit in Loutraki?

Loutraki and all the surrounding areas have many well-known beaches. Loutraki’s beach is the most famous, organized one with many water sports options for the adrenaline seekers. In addition, there is Lake Vouliagmeni, as mentioned above, Cape Melagavi, as well as several isolated ones, such as Mylokopi and Sterna, which combine the green of pine trees with the blue of crystal clear waters.



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