Mountainous Corinthia

Ξωκλήσσι στην λίμνη Δόξα

Mountainous Corinthia is one of the most picturesque areas of Greece. Filled with small, traditional villages that have something special to offer you. All these in combination with enchanting landscapes. One of the most well-known destinations close to the heart of Athens.

About 2 hours’ away from Athens driving on large and well-maintained roads. As soon as you get off the highway and drive through the local road networks, you will find yourself in magical landscapes between the lush forests, the green plains, and the crops with local goods.

We suggest:

Lake Styfhalia

Lake Stymfalia hides a beautiful story from mythology.
Lake Stymfalia is associated with the sixth feat of Hercules who faced the Stymfalides Hens in the area.
Even though, around the lake you cannot find a coffee place or other shops it is still a stop that you have to make in order to admire the majestic landscape.
On short distance you can find traditional villages where you can take your coffee or raki!

Lake Doxa

The artificial lake Doxa is a well-known attraction in the area and that’s fair as its beaty is breathtaking. An almost magical landscape.
There you can find almost every day local producers with their traditional & handmade products.
During wintertime they offer you tsipouro or raki in order to get warmer, too! On the lakeside you can find a small chapel.
The way to the lake passes through the forest on very well-maintained roads. All the route through the final destination is highly enjoyable.
If you have spare time, you can make small stops in the villages up to the lake, each one of them has something unique to offer you.

Monastery of St. George

Shortly after Lake Doxa you will find the monastery of St. George. The monastery dates back to 1500. A beautiful and picturesque monastery worth visiting. The monks will offer you treats that they make themselves. The view from the monastery will take your breath away as it combines the green of the surrounding mountains with the blue of the lake that you can see from above.

Virgin of the Rocks

About 45 minutes after Lake Doxa is the chapel of Virgin of the Rocks. The roads up until there are similar to the ones to Doxa lake. If you have spare time, it is a place you should visit! This chapel was built inside a rock. The whole landscape is similar to the ones in Meteora. You will not manage to reach the church on your motorbike, but you can leave it about 800m before the monastery and then go on foot. Of course, if you like walking, you can leave the bike in the village and walk about 2 km on foot in order to reach the church. Although the landscape is breathtaking, if you go in winter and the mountains are filled with water, what you will see is pretty difficult to describe in plane words. From the peak of the rocks water runs forming small waterfalls which you can admire throughout your way to the temple until you reach the steps of the church and the last waterfall. To enter the temple, you must cross under the last waterfall in order to reach the church and get to the balcony where you will see the most beautiful view of all your trip.



  • Engine: 1254 cc boxer twin
  • Horsepower: 136 HP
  • Torque: 143 Nm
  • Tank: 20 litters