Rental Terms

Article 1. DURATION

The duration of the lease is strictly defined. Upon expiration and at that date and time, the Lessee is obliged to deliver the Motorcycle to the Lessor at its registered office, otherwise it is obliged to indemnify the Lessor for any positive and consequential damages. Any modification of the above delivery time and location may be made only if the following conditions are cumulative namely:
(a) Written notice of the lessee to the lessor at least 48 hours before the end of the above period,
(b) A written agreement of the Lessor and
(c) If the lessee prepays the additional charge to be agreed
If the delivery of the “Motorcycle” is delayed by the Lessee beyond the agreed time, the Lessee will be bear the cost of an extra charge, 25 € per hour.
Reservations: All bookings are made for this vehicle. In the absence of availability of a confirmed booking, the lessor reserves the right to offer the customer a similar or higher class machine at no extra cost.
Cancellations: The reservation must be canceled at least thirty-one (31) days before the scheduled start of the rental of the vehicle according to a reservation made. The following charges will apply to booking cancellations: In the event of a cancellation notice received by the lessor at least thirty-one (31) days prior to the scheduled start of vehicle rental according to a booking made, all money will be refunded. In case of notice cancellation which is received by the lessor between thirty (30) to twenty-one (21) days before the scheduled start of renting the vehicle according to the reservation made will be withheld 20% of the amount. In case of notice cancellation which is received by the lessor twenty (20) to eleven (11) days before the scheduled start of renting the vehicle according to the reservation made will be withheld 40% of the amount and in case the notice is made ten (10) days before rent start, no refund will be made.

Article 2. LEASE

1. The rent of the above motorcycle is agreed between the two parties and fully corresponds to its rental value.
2. The above rent is agreed to be paid in advance as follows:
a) by cash payment, at the place of the Lessor; or
b) by credit card or
c) by depositing to

IBAN: GR69 0140 1490 1490 0232 0007 108 of ALPHA BANK
IBAN: GR71 0260 0210 0006 6020 0879 136 of EUROBANK
IBAN: GR52 0171 5510 0065 5110 5326 325 of PIRAEUS BANK

in the name of the Lessor. The payment of the above rent is evidenced either by written substantiation of the Lessor or by the relevant bank deposit slip in the above bank account, excluding any other means of proof and even the oath.
3. The above rent does not include any amount or expense not expressly included herein and which is entirely borne by the Lessee.
4. The lessee shall also be liable for the payment to the lessor of any sums which he or she is liable to pay to any of the Lessor and which, in accordance with this and the applicable legislation, shall be borne by the lessee, as well as any fine which may be imposed on the lessor, arising from the unconventional or illegal conduct of the lessee, even if they are imputed to it or attributed after the expiry of the lease and the delivery of the motorcycle to the lessor, but relate to the time of the lease.
5. The above rent is agreed for the case that they travel in total up to the agreed mileage throughout the lease. The kilometers traveled are derived from the odometer readings from receipt by the lessee to its return to and receipt from the lessee. If the above mileage limit is exceeded by the lessee, the latter will pay to the Lessor an additional rent per kilometer traveled beyond the limit of that Motorcycle. The mileage will be determined at the same time as the return of the motorcycle, so the relevant clearance will take place. If the mileage is exceeded, the lessee is required to pay the additional charge at the same time as the non-payment.
6. It is prohibited in any way to prevent the operation of the kilometer system as well as its repair. In the event of a breach of this term by the Lessee, the Lessor has the right to determine the mileage according to its free judgment which will be mandatory for the Lessee.
Way of Payment: The renter is required to provide a credit card or debit card or cash to guarantee the rental. The rent is prepaid.


The “Motorcycle” is delivered to the Lessee in an excellent condition and free from any real or legal defect. The Lessee carefully checks the “Motorcycle” and, after finding it to his absolute penchant, he takes it unreservedly. Together with the Motorcycle, the Lessee receives copies of the license and its insurance. The Motorcycle also has an installed GPS tracking system to locate it in case of a theft, as well as a special safety padlock. The Lessee is obliged to return to the Lessor the “Motorcycle” together with all relevant forms and the special safety padlock in the same condition as received and at the time and place specified in Article 1.
Delivers: Charge of EUR 80, for delivery apart from the operating hours.

Article 4. TERMS OF USE

1. The lessee may use the motorcycle exclusively within the Greek territory, unless the parties agree to the contrary.
2. Throughout the lease, in particular the delivery of the motorcycle to the lessee until its return and its receipt by the lessor, it is forbidden to drive the motorcycle to any person other than the Lessee.
3. It is totally forbidden any mechanical, technical or visual alteration of the Motorcycle and its partial or total sub-leasing or in any way, with or without consideration, conceding its use to third parties without the written consent of the Lessor.
4. The Lessee is required to demonstrate proper diligence in the handling and use of the Motorcycle, to diligently control its mechanical condition, oil level, tires, etc., exercise all diligence and take all necessary measures for smooth and normal operation as well as to secure the motorcycle with the steering lock and the special safety pad with which it is fitted every time it is parked. It is also obliged to immediately inform the lessor of any harm or damage occurring on the motorcycle during the lease, being obliged to compensate for any damage to the lessor from its late notification or omission.
5. It is forbidden for the lessee and any other person even if the lessee addresses to them, to make any repairs to the motorcycle without any prior approval of the Lessor.
6. It is forbidden for the lessee to use the “Motorcycle”:
a. For the transportation of persons or things for a fee.
b. To participate in speed races.
c. For subleasing to third parties.
d. For the carriage or transport of heavy luggage or objects, flammable materials, dirty objects, drugs, weapons or any other items the possession or transport of which is prohibited by the applicable provisions or which may cause any danger to the safety of the “Motorcycle” of its occupants or third parties as well as to tow other two-wheeled vehicles.
e. Outside of Greece without the prior written permission of the Lessor.
f. If the Lessee is under the influence of alcohol, hallucinogens, drugs or any other substance that affects his or her ability to drive.
g. In breach of any traffic, customs or any other applicable legal provision.
h. Unless the Lessee is provided with a suitable helmet.
i. On roads unsuitable for driving or even on unpaved roads.
j. Outside the framework and the activity for which it was rented under Article 1.
Driver: Minimum age limit of 21 years for a motorcycle.
Driving license: A valid diploma issued at least 1 year before is required. Citizens of non-EU countries are required to have an international diploma along with the presentation of a regular diploma.
Additional Driver: The first extra driver is provided free of charge.

Article 5. ACCIDENTS

In the event of an accident or any other incident, the Lessee is immediately obliged to follow the following procedure: A) Immediately notify the Lessor.
B) Record names and addresses of eyewitnesses as well as any person involved in the above incidents.
C) Not to recognize any third party claims.
D) Notify the Police.
E) To collect any relevant information from any third party as well as any relevant document or other item (eg photos, etc.) and hand it over them to the Lessor.
Accident: In the event of an accident, the lessee must inform the company and the police and provide the police registration card with the return of the motorcycle. In the event of a customer’s fault, we will charge € 50 for incident handling.


1. The lessee is obliged to fully compensate the company for any damage that may be caused to the motorcycle at any point during the lease from any cause. Also in the event of theft of the motorcycle, it is obliged to compensate the lessor with its total commercial value.
2. In the event of inappropriate delivery of the motorcycle and its abandonment by the lessee, it shall be liable for the repair of any positive and incidental damage to the lessor, the costs of seeking and finding it, the cost of moving to the place of destination and transferring it to the lessor’s registered office, the fees of legal counsel and legal costs and in the event of its non-detection or theft of the payment of additional fees and the purchase price thereof.
3. In the above cases the Lessee is obliged to pay the compensation directly to the lessor and regardless of the insurance cover. In the event that the insurance company compensates the lessor, it is obliged to reimburse to the lessee the amount paid by the lessee if the damage has been covered in its entirety.
Theft-Fire: The Lessee is fully relieved of liability for any damage to the engine in the event of fire or theft if he accepts and signs the relevant terms of the company’s contract and pays the amount of 10 euros for each rental day. Required prerequisite: proof of non-negligence e.g car left unlocked.


A) The Lessor provides simple civil liability insurance as well as theft protection. The insurance coverage provided is valid on condition that the motorcycle is used in full accordance with the terms and provisions of the present and that the Lessee has fully complied with the terms and conditions hereof. Otherwise, the Lessee is fully and exclusively liable for the repair of any resulting damage by paying to the Lessor any amount relating to the cost of repairing or replacing the motorcycle and has no claim whatsoever against the Lessor even if he has paid for the rental of the Motorcycle.
B) The Lessor is entitled to collect directly any amounts paid by insurance companies under the relevant contracts in the event of any insured risk. The Lessee has neither owned nor acquired any right or claim over these amounts.
Insurance: The machines are insured against third parties for material damage to third parties except for: a) the driver and passengers; b) the engine – exemption from payment of damages. The Lesse is fully relieved of responsibility for any damage to the machine: If he agrees to pay an amount of EUR 1000 signs the relevant terms of the insurance contract for the full Casco insurance coverage and 20 euro per day in addition to the agreed rent.
Necessary driving under the traffic code. The insurance will not cover damages such as: tire’s damage, machine’s bottom damage and theft of personal items.

Article 8. GUARANTEE

The Lessee is obliged to pay the agreed amount to the Lessor, as a guarantee not only of the fulfillment but also of the proper fulfillment of each of the terms herein separately but also as a whole. This amount will remain in the Lessor and will be returned to the Lessee without an interest at the end of the lease and the proper delivery and deliver of the Motorcycle and provided the guarantee is not fell out, which will be expressly agreed upon in the event that not only is not fulfilled but also not adequately fulfilled by the Lessee, even one of the terms hereof, all of which are considered by the parties as significant and substantial and subject to the condition that the Motorcycle Damage and Damage for which the Lessee is liable, in accordance with the provisions of this and the relevant legislation, shall be assessed beforehand and that the Motorcycle is in its delivery in the same condition as it was at the time of receipt of the Motorcycle by the Lessee.

Article 9. FUELS

The cost of fuel is borne solely by the Lessee. The latter is obliged, upon delivery of the Motorcycle to the Lessor, to have supplied the Motorcycle Reservoir with the corresponding fuel content contained when it was received. Otherwise, the amount of fuel consumed will be charged.


The Lessee is fully liable to the Police and Traffic Authorities for any road traffic offense to cause. In this case, any fine or penalty imposed is chargeable to and exclusively to the Lessee without the Lessor bearing any responsibility whatsoever.


The Lessor is liable only in case of deceit or gross negligence. In all other cases (including slight negligence, blatant or force majeure), the Lessor bears no responsibility whatsoever and no claim can be brought against it.


The Lessor is entitled, at its absolute discretion, to provide a written statement to the Lessee indicating any third natural or legal person who subrogates without exception all of the rights and obligations of the Lessor arising from the private Motorcycle Lease Agreement. The Lessee is not entitled to assign any of his rights or obligations under the private Motorcycle Lease Agreement.


In any case where the Lessee violates any of his obligations under the agreement or in the event that the information or other information, he has stated to the Lessor is inaccurate or does not display due diligence in the driving, use and supervision of “Motorcycle”, the Lessor has the right to terminate the contract and to demand the full reimbursement of any positive or negative damages. In the event that the lessor does not terminate the contract, it shall not be deprived of its right to full compensation for any positive or negative loss, nor shall the lessee be exempt from this obligation. In the event of termination, the Lessor is entitled to exercise all of its ownership and rights.


The Lessee is entitled to terminate the agreement before the expiration of its agreed maturity, provided that it has fulfilled all its obligations under this Agreement. In this case, he / she is obliged to pay to the Lessor the entire agreed amount for the entire agreed lease period unless the Lessor agrees in writing to the contrary. Any advances are not refundable.


  1. All the terms herein are considered essential. This constitutes the full and exclusive agreement between the parties and takes precedence over any other contrary oral or written agreement.
  2. Silent hiring is expressly prohibited by the present.
  3. Any change to the terms of this agreement will be made in writing and will be evidenced in writing, excluding any other means of proof and even of the oath.
  4. Any untimely exercise by the Lessor of any of its rights, either once or repeatedly, does not mean abandonment of that right.
  5. It is expressly agreed that for any dispute arising out of the present lease, the courts of Athens are competent.
  6. Any communication, disclosure or disclosure in connection with this Agreement will be made at the addresses listed at the beginning of this.


  • Engine: 1254 cc boxer twin
  • Horsepower: 136 HP
  • Torque: 143 Nm
  • Tank: 20 litters